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Seenaptic is a platform that tests your tagging plan, protects the privacy of your website visitors, and guarantees the quality of your data over time.


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Ensure compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy regulations

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Secure your tags, your data, and your business

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Stop wasting time with the old way of testing your tagging plan. Automate the testing of your website tracking!

How much time do you devote to testing your tagging plan? And with what guarantee for the quality of your data?

Monitor all of your tracking processes⁠⁠—automatically and continuously. In its entirety? Yes, all of your tags (media, analytics, etc.), all of your datalayer variables, on all the pages of your websites and mobile applications.

In the event of any deviation, you’ll be alerted. Leave no room for doubt when it comes to the reliability of your data.

Tristan BRETON Accor

“Behavioral data has become increasingly strategic for companies—it feeds both site-centric data analysis tools as well as social media tracking tools for the purpose of monitoring and optimizing campaign performance. The first challenge with data is to ensure its quality so that it can be utilized in the best possible way.

In addition to optimizing the time spent on QA, Seenaptic has enabled us to rethink how we organize ourselves around data quality issues by putting the matter at the center of our processes.”

Tristan Breton - Head of Data Analytics at Accor Hotels

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Having doubts about the configuration of your CMP? About the security of your website visitors' personal data?

The GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive require companies to test all tags present on their pages, including the firing of said tags, as well as to ensure the protection of website visitors’ personal data.

Your sites are constantly evolving. Some tags may fire on your site and deposit a cookie even when your users have not granted their consent.

A malicious tag may cause personal data to be sent to third parties.

Take back control of your tags and data. Protect your company from costly fines.

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